Sabine Becker

Sabine Becker has been working with the color BLUE for more than 30 years. She uses a luminous velvety cobalt pigment and a dark milori blue. Her work of art have a structured surface with a strong haptic character.
Her art work has been shown in numerous international public collections, exhibitions, and art fairs.

Sabine Becker was born in Lübeck in 1958 in the north of Germany.
Her artist ́s studio is located in Constance at the Lake of Constance close to the swiss border.

“Sabine Becker lets her viewers soak in BLUE, a lush, pleasant BLUE. BLUE is a mysterious color, a color of distance, depth, transcendence, and abyss. Sky, purity, melancholy, and ease – BLUE is a symbol of day and night. There is something exalted about BLUE, something of that ambivalent feeling between serenity and sadness, pleasant excitement and subtle fright. BLUE is not a color. BLUE is a statement. BLUE – an infinite space that is empty but contains everything at the same time.” (Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald, Weingarten, Germany)