Stefan Winterle

Stefan Winterle is born in Lörrach in 1976.

  • Studies of Business Administration
  • 1993 contact with graffiti and since then active as a street artist
  • Since 2003 own studio

Winterle started graffiti painting in 1993 and is self-taught as an artist. From 1998 - 2001 he studied business administration. He has been self-employed as a freelance artist since 2005. Stefan Winterle's preferred tools are scalpels, laser cuts, spray paint and computerprocessed photographs, which form the basis of his stencil art. The time-consuming production of the stencils for his photorealistic motifs and mostly the painting of the works of art takes place in the studio in Weil am Rhein.

Winterle's themed world is as diverse as his interests. These can be based on observations in everyday life, current political events, as well as being inspired by walking the dog. Many autobiographical moments can be found in his works. Stefan Winterle is one of the leading representatives of stencil art in Germany. His works of art have since been shown in Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Exhibitons (Selection):

2021 „FFAV Kunstmesse Wien“ mit NEUE KUNST GALLERY, Karlsruhe

2021 „Knotenpunkt Festival“ Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

2021 „PRALAC Exposition“ Centro Cultural/ Lagos/ P

2020 „take 4“ NEUE KUNST GALLERY/ Karlsruhe

2020 „With(out) Fear – Kunst aus dem Lockdown“ Voltage, Basel / CH

2020 „Papers Please“ Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein

2019 „Concrete, Rust & Untold Stories“ Take a Butcher`s Gallery/ Düsseldorf

2019 „Knotenpunkt Festival“ Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

2018 „Love Cat An Artistic Approach 2 “ Scriptorium, Berlin

2018 „Stencil Masters Vol. 2“ / Arturb/ Lagos, P

2017 „In Layers“ Colab Gallery/ Weil am Rhein

2017 „Pfadansichten“ Artstübli/ Basel, CH

2017 „The Vanities“ Spacejunk Art Centers/ Bayonne, F

2016 „Tony Perez“ Sold Out Gallery/ Bochum

2015 „Inexterieur“ Roche Bobois & JEVKPRoduction / Paris, F

2015 „Unter der Pyramide“ Urban Art/ Kreissparkasse Heilbronn

2015 „Your Kid Can’t Do This“ Ambush Gallery/ Sidney, Aus

2015 „Scope Basel“ with Colab Gallery/ Basel, CH

2014 „Urban Art – Wie die Street Art ins Museum kam“, Schloss Agathenburg/Stade

2014 „9 plus eins“ Galerie Thron/ Reutlingen

2013 „Ping Pong“ Miami, USA

2013 „Stencils Only“ Pretty Portal/ Düsseldorf

2013 „Feldlabor für Geschulten Blick und Schulterklopfen“ DSV Kunstkontor/Stuttgart

2012 „Rebels Ahead“ Die Kunstagentin/ Köln

2012 „Neuland – Verwandlung“ Galerie Thron/ Reutlingen

2012 „Stencil Bastards“ Starkart Exhibitions/ Zürich, CH

2012 „Nachtgestalten“ Urban Art in der Kulturfabrik/ Kunstverein Schopfheim

2011 Art Award Markgräflerland, D