German stencil artist Zir0 is a kid of the 80s coming from Offenburg.
Already as an adolescent, influenced by graffiti, he developed a fascination for often socially critical, but almost always pointed street art early on.

Driven by his increasingly detailed hand-cut stencils and the penchant for perfection when spraying, he traded walls for canvases in 2015 and has established cans and stencils as his weapons of choice.

With his self-mockery and the pointed humor that is reflected in his art, he quickly found a fanbase in the English-speaking urban art scene. After the beginning of the collaboration with Michael Oess (Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe), several shows and fairs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Scandinavia followed from 2017 on. The lively reception proved that his works also find appeal on the European art stage as well.